Philippine Army MSAB Second Regular Meeting


    Before the start of the regular meeting, an executive session was held to discuss important matters. Shown is CGPA and VCPA together with the MSAB members in a round table at the Commander's Lounge.

    Last June 27, 2018, the Philippine Army Muti-Sector Advisory Board (PA MSAB) gathered together to hold its 2nd quarter meeting at the HPA Conference Room, Fort Bonifacio Metro Manila.
    For the first time, Lt. Gen. Rolando Joselito D. Bautista, Commanding General of the Philippine Army, was able to attend the meeting and got a chance to meet other MSAB members.

    The Philippine Army is honored to have these individuals who shares our dedication in achieving our 2028 vision, which is to be a world-class Army that is a source of national pride.



    Shown is the CGPA delivering his opening remarks before the Board and the attendees.


    Col. Joel M. Paloma, chief Army Governance and Strategy Management Office (AGSMO), delivered the report of the Governance Committee.


    Cpt. Gizelle Lim from the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operations (OG7) reported on the updates of the Strategic Communication Committee.


    For the Resource Management Committee, Col. Florentino Mendez of Army Real Estate Office (AREO) was tasked to present the updates.


     Members of the PA MSAB took a souvenir photo with CGPA after the adjournment of the meeting.


     The Research and Education Committee, a newly-formed committee of the MSAB, was also able to present their updates before the Board for the first time. Cpt. Carlo Angelo Dequito from the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Education and Training (OG8), was tasked to deliver the report.


    Ms. Samira Gutoc Tomawis, former assemblywoman of ARMM and an active MSAB member, shook hands with the CGPA after the meeting.


    Students from UPLB, who are currently under the internship program of AGSMO, had also the chance to witness the regular meeting and meet the CGPA.


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