Consultation on Philippine Charter proposed revision held at the Philippine Army Headquarters

    06 july 2018 Con Com

    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila – Senior leaders of the Philippine Army gathered at the its headquarters to meet with the Consultative Committee (Con-Com) here Wednesday, July 5, 2018, to review the proposed changes in the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines.

    Atty. Ferdinand M. Bocobo led the Con-Com delegation whose members were Rex Cambronero Robles, Atty. Roan I. Libaros, Atty. Jose Martin Azcarraga Loon, and Atty. Laurence B. Wacnang.

    Commanding General Philippine Army Lieutenant General Rolando Joselito D. Bautista was present during the consultation as well as other officers based at the Headquarters Philippine Army and Luzon based Commanders. The Con-Com is set to reach out to the other Army Major Unit Commanders that were not part of the review held today.

    The Army Senior Leaders present actively participated during the review to clarify points on matters that pertains to national security as well as the role of the Philippine Army with its perpetual mandate of serving the people, securing the land.

    The result of the consultation with the Army will be incorporated to the Con-Com report to the President. The committee targets to submit their reviews and assessment of the Philippine Constitution to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte before his upcoming State of the Nation Address this July.

    Lt. Gen. Bautista welcomed the activity and expressed his appreciation for letting the Philippine Army be part of the consultation. He also stressed that it is but timely to assess the efficacy of our supreme law amidst the evolving security situation in the country. In conclusion, it must be the best interest of the people and country that must be upheld, he added.#

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