2 new chief vows to strengthen Army’s Civil-Military Operations concepts and strategies

    IMG 7843FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila- In a separate Turn-over rites, Col. Patricio Ruben A. Amata assumed as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil-Military Operations, G7 while Col. Facundo O. Palafox IV took the helm of Civil Military Operation Regiment (CMOR) here Friday, December 21, 2018 which was presided by the Army Vice Commander, Maj.Gen. Robert M. Arevalo.

    The Office of Assistant Chief Civil-Military Operations (CMO) oversees the over-all implementation of the CMO thrust and programs of the Philippine Army. Under its functional supervision is the CMOR which is one of the Army’s specialized enablers that perform activities which aims to gain popular support, establish legitimacy, protect the force and influence the enemy’s cognitive capability.

    Col. Amata succeeded Col. Palafox IV who has been instrumental for the successful implementation of various CMO activities and programs of the Army for two years. Meanwhile, Col. Palafox replaced Col. Romeo S. Brawner Jr. who just recently assumed as Commander of 103rd Infantry Brigade based in Marawi.

    Col. Amata is a member of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) “Maalab” Class of 1993. He once served as Commander of 73rd Infantry “Neutralizer” Battalion based in Sarangani under the 10th Infantry (Agila) Division. He also served as a staff for Plans as well as in Intelligence with the Eastern Mindanao Command prior to his current designation. Meanwhile, Col. Palafox is a proud member of the PMA “Bigkis Lahi” Class of 1990. He has a full grasp and understanding of CMO considering he moved the ladder and specialized with it since the early days of his military career. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Management major in Development and Security.

    Both officers are well-decorated and possessed the characteristics to hold the job. They have both the familiarity and expertise on the dynamics of CMO, who believes on the notion of “winning the hearts and minds” as an effective formula that could contribute to the resolution of the country’s long-standing internal conflict.

    In his speech, Maj. Gen. Arevalo said, “I am fully confident that the Philippine Army is in good shape as a force provider as it executes changes in its key staff and command positions. The Philippine Army is a dynamic organization that continuously strives to ensure continuity and seamless transitions in command and leadership that bear on its mandate of serving the people and securing the land.

    The Philippine Army had seen the impact of winning the hearts and minds of people. In line with its institutional mission of conducting ground operations, it is imperative that soft approach must be given due consideration at all levels of operation to finally attain victory and achieve lasting peace, prosperity and development for our country.#

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