Soldiers at the Army Headquarters receive briefing on Novel-Coronavirus

    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila – The Office of the Army Chief Surgeon (OACS) delivered a briefing on Novel-Coronavirus (2019-nCov) to the soldiers assigned at the Philippine Army Headquarters here today, Feb. 5, 2020.

    In line with the health advisory issued by the Department of Health last Jan. 22, the OACS facilitated the Novel Coronavirus Information Drive. It focused on raising the troop’s awareness of the threat level of the virus in the country, how to recognize symptoms, and the best practices to avoid contracting the disease.

    “Aside from informing our troops about the Novel Coronavirus, we also wanted to lessen panic of the public. We want to avoid a public reaction which is disproportionate to the level of threat that we are currently facing,” said Capt. Ramius Dizon, Medical Corps, OACS.

    Due to the nature of their work, uniformed personnel has always been encouraged to maintain their good health so they can best perform in their missions. At this time when the World Health Organization has declared a global health emergency, the Philippine Army is also taking necessary measures to ensure its readiness to respond if the situation becomes worse.

    According to the Executive Order No. 168, s. 2014 (Creating the Inter-Agency Task Force for the management of emerging infectious diseases in the Philippines), the DOH recommends the enlistment of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to supplement the Philippine National Police to enforce quarantine of specific areas or facilitating the transport of Emerging Infectious Diseases patients when the need arises.

    “We want to ensure that our personnel know how to protect themselves from the virus and prevent its spread because they have a very important role in security that requires them to be ready to serve 24/7,” Col. Ramon P. Zagala, Army Spokesperson.#

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