Army Engineer Brigades, GMA Kapuso Foundation, to build schools and a bridge in Western Mindanao

    FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila – The Army’s 54th Engineer Brigade (54EBde) and the 55th Engineer Brigade (55EBde) partners with the GMA Kapuso Foundation (GMA KF) to build schools in Zamboanga City and Lanao del Norte.

    Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, Commander of the Western Mindanao Command, and Luz Annalee O. Escudero-Catibog, GMA KF Executive Vice President, signed the Terms of Reference on the said partnership at the Headquarters Philippine Army on Feb. 5, 2020.

    The GMA KF with the help of troops from the two engineer brigades will be building four schools and a bridge in western Mindanao. Troops will secure the construction of the infrastructures as well as provide additional manpower to the builders.

    The 54th EBde is in charge of two classrooms with two toilet facilities in Cabatangan, Zamboanga City and a hanging bridge in Salvador, Lanao del Norte. On other hand, the 55th EBde will be providing support in the building of two classrooms and two toilet facilities in Pamsur Primary School, Lanao Del Norte. About 200 students are expected to benefit from the projects.

    The partnership is in line with the Memorandum of Agreement signed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and GMA KF on January 29, 2019 to conduct joint projects that aim to bring development in the Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDAS) in the country.

    The AFP is also in partnership with other non-government organizations and institutions, both local and international, for the conduct of development efforts.

    “The AFP welcomes the support from private institutions, especially on school building efforts because we believe in the value of education,” said Sobejana. “Guns can kill terrorists but education can kill terrorism,” he added.#

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