CGPA highlights "servant leadership" in 2022 command conference

Commanding General, Philippine Army (CGPA) Lt. Gen. Romeo S. Brawner, Jr. underscored the importance of "servant leadership" in the first Army-wide command conference for 2022 on Monday, January 10, at Headquarters Philippine Army, Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila.
"The Army, guided by servant leadership, will be well-led. With the well-being of our subordinates always in mind, leaders are expected to lead and serve simultaneously. Servant leadership will naturally have the ripple effect down to the lowest echelons and radiate to the communities," the CGPA remarked.
PA Command Group, General Staff, Personal Staff, Special Staff, Technical Staff members and commanders of Functional Commands, Specialty Enablers, PA-Wide Support and Separate Units, and Philippine Army Major Units (PAMUs) attended the event in person or thru online teleconferencing.
The CGPA, during the conference, lauded the 100,000-strong Army for sustaining the organization's operational momentum and gains in 2021 while earning and sustaining the Filipino people's high level of trust. General Staff members presented updates on significant accomplishments over the past year and priority way ahead items for this year.
Lt. Gen. Brawner also reiterated his command guidance, encapsulated in "SERVE." He highlighted the need to ensure the physical and mental health of "Soldiers," the Army's most important resource; "Enhance" the competencies and skills of troops to capacitate them in fulfilling combat and non-combat missions; and push down much-needed "Resources" to all units nationwide.
With well-equipped and well-trained soldiers, the Philippine Army will surely emerge "Victorious" against threat groups, allowing us to focus on ensuring orderly and peaceful "Elections" this year, the CGPA said.
"As we are about to enter the final base camp of our transformation roadmap, we need to be clear on where to focus our energy and resources. Always keeping in mind that we are expected to be able to generate and sustain world-class ground forces," Lt. Gen. Brawner concluded.
Photo: Pfc Rodgen Quirante/ OACPA