Army Artillery Regiment holds registration firing, live-fire drills in Negros Occidental

The 3rd Field Artillery “Hell Every Shell” Battalion conducted a series of drills aimed at sharpening the skills of its gunners at Barangay Dung-e, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental, the Army Artillery Regiment (AAR) announced on October 4, 2022.
The registration firing and live-fire drills are in line with AAR’s Unit and Individual Certification Program aimed at ensuring that firing units and personnel are capable of performing various artillery gunnery procedures for timely and accurate delivery of artillery fires. The certification program is also aimed at validating the proficiency of firing unit personnel on their respective duties and responsibilities.
AAR is implementing a certification program for gunners and assistant gunners prior to deployment at firing lines. Field artillerymen also undergo re-certification before handling actual operations.
AAR is one of the Philippine Army Major Units at the forefront of Army modernization. The regiment has been consistently performing its mandate in organizing, training, equipping, developing, and sustaining artillery units in providing timely and accurate fire support to maneuver units.
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