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“EMBRACED BY THE GENTLE HANDS” Like the pillars, these gentle hands are to give security to all military dependents and children throughout the Philippines, by giving them quality education. Thus, preparing them to become our society’s hope for tomorrow. All achievements are to be seen as accomplishments in the Lord and for the Lord who is the Creator of all creations.

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As a Filipino School run by the Philippine Army Officers' Ladies Foundation Inc., PAOLFS seeks to instill in its students love for God and love for what is truly Filipino Tradition, culture and values, particularly unity. We assist every child to discover his/her full potential and, thereby, enable him/her to become a responsible citizen and Filipino. A Filipino worthy to be proud of.


To provide strong foundation for quality education to students, built on the accepted values and enable them to be aware of their rights and duties to God, self, family, country and lay the foundation for lifelong learning and service for the common good.

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