Senior Leaders Conference Speaker


Senior Fellow,
Center on the Future of War
Arizona State University (ASU)

Mr. Douglas A. Ollivant, PhD, is a Managing Partner of Mantid International, LLC, a global strategic consulting firm focusing on compliance and anti-corruption, with offices in Washington D.C., Beirut, and Baghdad. He also holds an appointment as an ASU Future of War senior fellow at New America, a Washington D.C. based think tank.
He is presently researching the topic of Hybrid and Proxy Warriors, as well as writing on the Iraq conflict and reconstruction, 2003-present A retired Army officer (Lieutenant Colonel), his last assignment in government was as Director for Iraq at the National Security Council. Ollivant spent twelve months on contract in Afghanistan as a Senior Advisor to the Commander, Regional Command-East

He served two tours in uniform in Iraq and taught politics at West Point.An Oregon native and graduate of Wheaton College in Illinois, Ollivant holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Indiana University, and is a graduate of the U.S. Army's School of Advanced Military Studies.
He is a frequent television commentator on defense and Middle East issues. A life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Political Science Association, he also serves in various advisory capacities. He is a widely published essayist.

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