The Philippine Army (PA) or Hukbong Katihan ng Pilipinas is the principal and oldest branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) located at Fort Andres Bonifacio, Taguig City Metro Manila. With 11 divisions and special units scattered in the islands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao; the PA is responsible for defending the country through land combat and operations.

For 122 years, the Philippine Army served as the protector of the Filipinos and a key player of nation building. Today, the Philippine Army continues to innovate its forces and victor against all battles and threats to serve the people and secure the land. 


By 2028, a world-class Army that is a source of national pride


Serving the People. Securing the Land.



The beginnings of the Filipino land forces dates back before the Spanish and American colonial period. In that time, clans and barangays from different regions form their own armed groups primarily composed of hunters and land fighters. They served as defenders of the tribes or as warriors sent on strike missions against other barangays. On occasions, some clan forces would form alliances to attack more powerful opponents. Conventional weaponry during the pre‐colonial era includes Kris and Kampilan, Blowguns, and Lantaka. War-fare instruments of the Filipino forces continued to develop over time.