Philippine Army receives rifles and procures mortars from US government

04 mar 19 rifle delivery cover

FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila – The Philippine Army received 80 assault rifles and 44 mortars from the United States government on Sunday, Mar. 3, 2019.

The 80 assault rifles is a grant by the U.S. government to the Philippine Army under the Military Assistance Program. Further, the Philippine Army through its modernization program, purchased 44 mortars also from the U.S. government under the Foreign Military Sales Program.

Assault rifles are the primary direct fire weapons used by our infantry troops participating in armed battles against the enemy, while mortars are indirect fire weapons mainly used to support the infantry.

The Philippine Army expresses its gratitude to the U.S. government in granting the assault rifles that will greatly improve the fighting skills of our frontline troops.

Further, the purchase of mortars through the Army modernization fund upgrades our weapons systems and capabilities for the Philippine Army to better perform its mission to secure the land.#

04 mar 19 rifle delivery 1

04 mar 19 rifle delivery 2