About Psychological Operations Center

The Psychological Operations Center harnesses the power of information to inspire people, groups and organizations to act and help create a situation conducive to sustainable peace and development in our country – helping the Army win the peace without fighting.

The Psychological Operation Center values the appropriate and responsible use of accurate, timely and relevant information to effectively and efficiently help the Army win in the human space of the battlefield – the hearts and minds of the people. An essential component of Civil-Military Operations, the center’s capabilities help shape conditions favorable for the Army to accomplish its mission at the strategic level. To achieve this, we must be able to inspire, organize, and mobilize the people to participate, cooperate, and collaborate with the Army and other stakeholders in building a strong and resilient nation.

Director, Psychological Operations Center, Civil-Military Operations Regiment, Philippine Army


Major Genesis R Gabrido is a member of the Philippine Military Academy (Maliyab) Class of 2004. Prior to his current designation, he was Chief, Plans and Research Branch of the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil-Military Operations, G7 of the Philippine Army responsible for programming the CMO Capability Development of the Army focusing on Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel and Facility (DOTMLPF) development.


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