CMO Mobile Ausio Visual System

Barangay Linaon, Cauayan, Negros Occidental - On February 13, 2021 14CMO Battalion under the leadership of Major Arturo M Dumalagan launches its one of a kind Innovations that will address our needs to dominates the informations invironment specially to the communities where mostly affected by the false information feed to them by the leaf leaning organizations of the terrorist CPP NPA NDF.
This 1st of the 3 Mobile Audio Visual System to be assybled by the battalion will be utilized in its companies who were also further OpCon to the Brigades unther the Joint Task Force Spear of 3rd Infantry Division, Philippine Army.
The CMO Mobile Audio Visual System or CMOMAVS is highly manueverable CMO equipment that can be utilize up to the farthest end of the road as long a our 4 wheel drive military truck can go.
This CMO MAVS is the complete realization of Major Dumalagan’s plan to innovate CMO equipment that would cater the needs of the community and to help our CMO Operators bring relevant informations to far flung communities of our assigned areas and to have an equipment that can answers the multi role of the army in the field.