12FSSU Conducts Disposal Operations


    12FSSU Aggressive Disposal of Unserviceable Ammunition

                The 12TH Forward Service Support Unit, 1LSB (P), ASCOM, PA headed by LTC REX BANJO Q BUMANGLAG QMS (GSC) PA together with personnel of 3EOD, EODB, ASCOM, PA conducted series of disposal of Assorted Unserviceable Ummunition by detonation at Barangay Upper Dado, Alamada, North Cotabato. For the past four months leadership of LTC BUMANGLAG the 12FSSU successfully completed four (4) disposal operations of assorted unserviceable ammunition. Total of eight thousand seven hundred twenty-five (8,725) assorted ammunition were disposed by detonation. Disposal activity for unserviceable ammunition is paramount to reduce or lessen the critical unserviceable ammunition stored in different magazines and igloos of the unit. Reducing the critical items stored in magazines may also reduce the risk and hazard the unit are confronting. As long as demolition materials are available, the disposal of unserviceable ammunition with approved Ammunition Condition Report (ACR) will be pushing through.

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