SBn Maintains its Responsiveness to the Needs of its Clients by Frontloading Supplies to its End Users

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    1st SBn, 1st LSg, ASCOM, PA headed by LTC LEONORA V BASCOGUIN QMS (GSC) PA, conducted Throughput Operations of various QM supplies (ICA) to Fort Magsaysay based PA units for use of 200 CS of SFR(A), 200 CS of LRR,  50 CS of AAR and  200 CS of 7ID repectively. The delivery was part of the implementation of HPA issuance Directive to various units under 7ID. This initiative is one of the best practices of 1st SBN to be responsive to the needs of our clients by frontloading supplies items to end users and immediately declog warehouses for other items for immediate storage.

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