5FSSU Strengthening Stakeholder Engagements, Forging the Future

    5FSSU: Strengthening Stakeholder Engagements, Forging the Future


    Last 17 June 2019, LTC ROMULO R SATPARAM OS (GSC) PA, the Commanding Officer of the 5th Forward Service Support Unit (5FSSU) Army Support Command, Philippine Army, together with CPT JEFFREY B BAYANI (OS) PA, Operations Officer, 5FSSU conducted a dialogue with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)- Regional Office Albay. The discussion centered on the department’s assistance to the 5FSSU’s initiative for concreting the unit’s road network leading to its Ammunition complex.


    The project would significantly ease the unit’s access to its Ammunition complex, which serves as the compound used for storing, housing, and maintaining valuable ammunitions and explosives. A concrete road from the unit to the Ammunition complex would greatly improve the camp’s accessibility during delivery and withdrawal of supplies likewise it also entails security measures and safekeeping of its valuable logistical resources. Further, a concrete road leading to the Ammunition complex would ensure better access and management of the compound.


    LTC SATPARAM discussed this proposal to the officials and engineers of the Regional Office, DPWH Albay, led by its Director, Engineer Virgilio C Eduarte CESO IV. Also with them are Engineer Marilou N Lacuna, the Chief of the Planning and Design Division, as well as Engineer Esmeraldo S Sarmento, DPWH Albay’s Assistant Regional Director. With the assistance and expertise of the said personnel, 5FSSU could expect the project to be under way.


    This initiative is one of the many military-government project partnerships born out of effective stakeholder engagements. Government support to the military entails providing assistance to the organization whose mission is to serve and protect the sovereignty of our countrymen. Time and again, the different units of the government has provided their unwavering support to the military’s initiatives, activities, and programs by extending their assistance through funding, participation, and partnership. This proves to show that the government recognizes the importance of such military initiatives and that support is needed to make such initiatives a reality. In addition, continuous support from the government’s various units indicates their rallying call to provide what the country’s military needs for it to achieve its mission and build on its long-term vision. Government units and the military share in their deep commitment to serving the land, and as history writes, these two have forged a long-term relationship to create a better future for the country.

    The adamant support provided by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to the 5FSSU is but one of the many other stakeholder engagements between the two parties. With their support, the 5FSSU is thankful and promises to strive harder to commit to their duties of serving the land.

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