8FSSU Conducts 2-Day Motorcycle Driving Safety Seminar



    According to Dr. John Juliard Go of World Health Organization (WHO) Philippines, there were a total of 11,264 deaths from road accidents in the Philippines in 2018. Around 5,970 or 53 percent of that number were riders or passengers of motorcycles, tricycles, and other two- or three-wheeled vehicles. From that total, more than 90 percent were not wearing helmets.


    The rise of motorcycle popularity, despite of its numerous advantages, has unfortunately increased the statistics of road accidents in the Philippines, claiming the lives of number of motorists to include our men in uniform who at times may go for an errand, perform admin-related functions or mission; or while on vacation privilege onboard their motorcycles, being the latter considered to be the most flexible and expeditious mode of transportation, both in congested rural and urban streets, or even in far-flung or mountainous-based military units.


    To address this concern, the 8th Forward Service Support Unit, under the able leadership of LTC VINCENT ARNOLD O DY QMS (GSC) PA, conducted a 2-day Motorcycle Driving Safety Seminar from July 18-19, 2019 at the unit multipurpose hall, in coordination with the Land Transportation Office and Highway Patrol Unit - Region 8. Said activity was composed of lectures and practicals on Motorcycle Driving Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and was attended by all personnel of the unit.


    The 2-day seminar has successfully instilled awareness and discipline among the unit personnel, both to the motorcycle drivers and passengers, before, during and after their every trip - reminding them on the importance of driving with license and updated vehicle registration and insurance; with appropriate body protection gear; in good condition including their motorcycle and; most especially, in good temperament and highest discipline, so as to avoid being involved in road fights or argumentations in times of heavy traffic.


    In his message, LTC SABIANO JR, the Officer-in-Charge, “stressed the importance of Motorcycle Driving Safety Seminar especially in decreasing if not zeroing, the casualty/mortality rate of the motorists men -in -uniform in road accidents while in the performance of their duty or while enjoying their vacation with families and loved ones. He further added, “Ligtas ang may alam at may disiplina”.


    With all the members of the men - and women-in-uniform disciplined and conscious of their road safety, definitely, our organization would not suffer from sudden or unwanted non-combat related casualties and damages on government properties, and instead, can concentrate more and direct its resources towards attaining the desired organizational transformation on good governance and performance excellence.



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