11FSSU Tree Planting Activity

    11FSSU Tree Planting Activity

    By: PFC Krisel Claire N Pedroso (Inf) PA


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                   Naval Station Felix Apolinario, Panacan, Davao City – It was already more than a year when the Mapaglaan Troopers of the 11th Forward Service Support Unit, Army Support Command, Philippine Army first conducted tree planting in the small swampy land at Brgy Aplaya, Talomo, Davao City. Looking back, the 2-hectare agricultural land was unpromising and looked like a waste land inhabited by tall grasses. This changed when LTC CRISANTO C CALIT OS (GSC) PA, the Commanding Officer of 11FSSU decided to adopt this undesirable wet location. The area was then dubbed as 11FSSU Adopted Carbon Forest Site which aims to absorb carbon dioxide in Davao City.


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                   11FSSU’s way of repaying nature on its bounty is through planting of trees. Through the commitment of its personnel, the Davao-based logistics unit has been conducting tree planting and growing since October 2018 on the adopted site on a weekly basis. The unit essentially wants to get rid of the bad habit of just planting trees without sustaining them.


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                       On the anniversary of its adoption last October 24, 2019; the 11FSSU initiated a joint tree planting activity together with 11FPAO, APAO, PA personnel to celebrate this milestone. 150 different varieties of swamp-adopting trees such as dao, bangkal and potat were planted using the mounting method. Previously planted trees were also cultivated and supported with bamboo braces to aid on their vertical growth. Most of the trees had already grown for more than two meters despite the condition of the land. As always the tree planting and growing activity of 11FSSU is in partnership with the Ayala Land Corporation and the Philippine Eagle Foundation.


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                   Before the activity ends, the unit reminisce their accomplishment starting from day 1. “We have seen the place transformed because we don’t just plant trees, we cultivate them” LTC CALIT said in his motivational speech. The adopted site already looked like a small forest with growing trees almost perfectly aligned. “”This is not to brag but hey, look what we’ve done” added LTC CALIT.



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