The Warehouseman

    The Warehouseman

    By: Mrs Marlene P Zarcilla




                  As we live in the advancement of life, and eventhough we are surrounded with sophisticated modern technologies and automation to do various tasks, the 11th Forward Service Support Unit doesn’t rely solely on machineries. Human resources, still plays a very vital role on its quest for a more often activities especially on warehousing operations and its procedure




                   The duplex type warehouse of the 11FSSU, our Davao-based logistics unit of the Army Support Command located inside the Naval Station Felix Apolinario has the capabality to store large amount of supplies for distribution or issuances to the different units of the AFP within Davao Region. These voluminous supplies should be properly stored, maintained for its condition, and accounted until it’s due for issuance. This is where the critical role of a skilled warehouseman is called upon to perform such treacherous job related




                        Pfc Lesther B Climacosa 922400 (Inf) PA is one of the detailed warehouse personnel of the Supply Company of 11FSSU. His job is more of physical in nature; like the loading and unloading of goods from trucks or container vans, A tremendous hand-pick of specific items on top racks and bins, packing this sensitive items and prepare such for shipment. Likewise, warehousing or the moving and transfering of supplies between various sections of the warehouse using a materiel handling equipment also forms part of his duties and responsibilities, which he accomplishes efficiently without hesitation.




                 Aside from his good manual dexterity and physical strength, his computer literacy, has helped him a lot to ensure that inventory is properly tracked and labelled correctly. He reports immediately of any discrepancies or issues for appropriate action following the chain of Command of the unit. He works harmoniously with other team members in- ensuring a well maintained warehouse by keeping it clean and organized along with the standard set forth by ASCOM PA.




                  The abilities and skills manifested by PFC Climacosa has contributed a lot to the unit, thus in making our warehouse more efficient, reduces costs, time, efforts and smooth out warehouse operational system of 11 FSSU Command.








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