1LSG, ASCOM, PA- ASCOM Activates Field Services for Army Frontliners During COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak

    ASCOM Activates Field Services for Army Frontliners During

    COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak



                  FORT BONIFACIO, Metro Manila- As the COVID-19 pandemic ensued for the past months, the Army Support Command (ASCOM) remains committed in providing maximum service support to various Philippine Army personnel who were deployed in strategic areas within NCR to help Government and non-government agencies during these difficult times. The 1st Supply Bn, 1st Logistics Support Group, ASCOM has been proactive in providing logistics support to the frontliners by activating its field services composed of field messing and laundry services that will cater to the needs of all PA personnel designated in the different Quarantine Assistance Stations (QAS), community checkpoints, free transportation services (libreng sakay), law enforcement support operations (LESO), repacking and distribution of relief goods and the likes.



                  The field mess services is utilizing the Mobile Kitchen Team (MKT), composed of highly trained kitchen personnel (some of them also served as kitchen personnel during the Marawi Siege Crisis in 2017) to deliver efficient services. The timely activation intends to provide daily hot meals to all Army frontliners deployed to perform different missions since the declaration of Community Quarantine in Metro Manila. As of press time, the MKT caters to an average of 668 personnel daily.



               These field services which are part of the combat service support operations of ASCOM is just an added revelation of its core competencies that will surely boost the morale of our troops while keeping in step to the Philippine Army’s vision to be a World-class Army that is a source of National Pride.




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